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Hip revision surgery

Hip revision surgery to remove failed hip implant that is recalled and repace it with new hip prosthetic.

In the last few years there has been a massive recall of faulty hip implants by several manufacturers: DePuy, Stryker, Smith and Nephew, Biomet, Zimmer and Wright Medical. Many patients have been left in the dark with information on how to recognise the symtoms and proceed with the necessary hip revision.

JMB Medical can help you manage the process to have hip revision surgery paid for by the company that produced the faulty hip.

We can help you achieve the hip revision surgery in Bulgaria:

  • A complete diagnostics test package to measure the impact of the failed hip on your health such as MARS MRI scan and blood tests
  • Communication with the company responsible for the production of the failed hip prosthetic to pay for the the hip revision operation
  • Finding a good clinic and an experienced orthopedic surgeon
  • Select a new reliable hip implant including cermic hip implants
  • Accommodation at the clinic or nearby after the operation
  • A full rehabilitation programme to learn to walk with your new hip

For the new hip prosthetic you have a choice of new metarials: ceramic and titanium.

Where can I find a good orthopedic surgeon for a hip replacement?

Information and enquiries:

For help with hip revision surgery please send an email to Julien at JMB Travel:


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