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New in 2016

New medical treatments we provide in 2016 to #LookGood and #FeelGood. Cosmetic surgery procedures, orthopedic surgery, IVF and medical scans for diagnosis.

JMB Medical finds the best medical specialists at the best price. We save you money by travelling abroad for medical treatment. Here is a list of our latest medical treatments and diagnosis solutions.

  • Top tips and advice to #LookGood #FeelGood in 2016 and get ready for the Summer. Advice on affordable cosmetic procedures.

  • Lipofilling can be used to remove wrinkles on the face as well as enhance breasts and buttocks.

  • To remove wrinkles we have several new solutions. Thread lift is a non-invasive, fast and low-cost face lift using medical threads. It is performed on an outpatient basis, same day, and the cost starts are lower than a face lift. A good alternative for wrinkles is Hyaluronic acid. It is an injection that releases the nerves and smoothens the skin. We also offer low-cost Botox and fillers using international brands.

  • Body contouring gives you a slender waist line and a good figure. It combines a Tummmy Tuck with liposuction of the love handles and hips.

  • Gynecomastia is commonly known as man-boobs is a standard cosmetic surgery procedure to remove the excess fat and skin around the breasts. It is often combined with liposuction of the upper body.

  • On top of low-cost IVF and egg donation we now provide affordable embryo transfer with reliable IVF clinics.

  • There is a huge recall of metal-on-metal hip implants. Many have been proven to decay inside the body and infect the bloodstream with cobalt poisoning. It leads to health complications, psychological probelms and can lead to early death. Time is of the essence to remove the metal-on-metal hip implant and replace it with a modern ceramic implant. JMB Medical can help wind through the administrative process of claiming the reimbursement of the operation by the manufacturer of the implant. We can act quickly and recommend a very good surgeon experienced in hip revision surgery. Contact us for more information and help.

  • Stressful and unhealthy lifestyles lead to disease. So if you are concerned about your general health we can provide with no waiting time a full-screening package including blood and heart stress test.

  • We now offer a complete range of medical scans including PET/CT scan, CT scan with contrast, full-body MRI, MARS MRI scan and DTI Tractography..

JMB Medical is Bulgaria's leading medical travel specialist. We recommend the best medical specialists, who use the latest technology in new and modern private clinics.

Most of our medical specialists speak English and or another language: German, French, Greek, Russian, Italian...

As a licensed tour operator under the name JMB Travel and a medical tourism specialist. We can organise all your travel arrangements: flights, hotels, airport transfers.

You can contact us with your medical requirements. We will be glad to give you personal advice on where to find the best specialist at the best price with no waiting time.